Great Words to Replace Common Words

Vocabulary Workshop:

Great Words to Replace Common Words

begin, start, commence
rely on, depend on
follow, keep up with, up to date
take advantage of, utilize,
improve, boost, promote, advance, enhance
promote the trade between A and C.
Our understanding of human genetics has considerably advanced.
The publicity has enhanced his reputation.
assess, judge
desire, want
bear in mind that, remember
tackle, handle with, solve
prepare, prep(ping)
change, transform
The increasing population has transformed the landscape and structure of local industry structure.

emphasize, highlight, stress, accentuate
The report highlight the decline in the numbers of native plants and insects.
He stresses the need for parents to listen to their children.
The crisis accentuates the gap between rich and poor.

develop, cultivate, nurture
cultivate the ability of
cultivate a more relaxed and positive way towards life.
The sea nutures ample marine animals.

break, impair, undermine, jeopardize, fevastate
Undermine one’s ability/confidence/authority/position/credibility
Jeopardize the process of peace.
The earthquake devastated the whole city.

Keep, Preserve, Conserve, protect
deal With, tackle, resolve:
resolve dispute/conflict/problem/issue/crisis

external, third-party
right, correct
main, primary
effectively, efficiently
consistent with, compatible with
missing, absent
feasible, possible, probable
viable, valuable
beneficial, rewarding, helpful
exceedingly, extremely, intensely, very
hardly necessary, hardly inevitable,  unnecessary, avoidable
Everywhere, Widespread, Prevalent, Overflow, Rampant
Drug abuse is especially prevalent among teenagers.
The garden is overflew with colors of flowers.
H1n1 Virus is rampant in the world.

Good, Impressive, glorious, amazing, brilliant, incredible, attractive…

Beneficial(antonym:detrimental), Advantageous
The drug is beneficial to the immune system.
Advantageous industry 优势产业

Harmful, Unfavorable, horrible, disgusting
Inhumane: 没人性的
lousy (I’m fed up with the lousy job.)
severe (severe problem, illness, injuries.)
abysmal(低谷: their performance is abysmal.)
Detrimental: smoking is detrimental to your health.

Rich, Wealthy, Affluent, ample

Poor, Impoverished
The great depression had impoverished many third world countries.
an impoverished student.

Serious, Severe

Obvious, Manifest, Apparent, Evident, Patent
a manifest error judge
manifestly unfair system.
patent impossibilities. 显然不可能的事。

cheap, Economical:经济的,不浪费,而不是单纯指某物便宜, Inexpensive=cheap, Reasonable价格合理的, Affordable:能够支付的
economically affordable housing经济适用房
Reasonable price

estate, asset
applicant, candidate, interviewee
responsibility, duty
shopper, client, consumer, purchaser, customer
interaction, communication
Forefather, Ancestor, Predecessor

Difference, Gap, Distinction, schism
generation gap
sharp/clear distinction between allergy and food intolerance
heal the schism between clinical medicine and public health.

Criminal Act

Environment, Circumstance, Atmosphere, Ambience
under the circumstances
Surrounding:表示周围居住的环境,想当具体。Nearby可与之互换。The surrounding area.

Pollution, Contamination
contaminated water

Human, Individual/men/ones, Humankind
The human race

Danger, Hazard
Polluted water is a hazard to wild life and nature;safety/nature hazard.

In modern society, In contemporary society, In present-day society, In this day and age
otherwise, or

frown on sth, be against, disagree with sth
next to/virtually impossible, , nearly/almost impossible
to name only a few, as an example,  for example, for instance
sth appeals to sb, sth exerts a tremendous fascination on sb, sb take interest in/sb. be interested in
little if anything, little or nothing, hardly
capture one's attention, attract one's attention.
give rise to, lead to, result in, trigger, cause
There are several reasons behind sth, reasons for sth
drive sb nuts, drive sb crazy
as stated earlier, as mentioned earlier
This is a time, this is an opportunity

3000 Most Common Words in American English

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