How to Build a Great Team

How to Build a Great Team

No matter what's our role in a team, a leader or a developer, we all want our team full of fun, and success.

To help to build such a team, the following tips might come in handy.
Building good relationship between team members is a key to a team success.
Good communications
l          Team members should be encouraged to bring out their own views, differences of opinions, interests and problems, no matter whether it sounds reasonable. We can discuss then and figure out whether they make sense.
Fairness and treat all team members equally.
Willingness to share
Involve your team mates
Make them feel important and motivate them to work harder.
Maintain transparency
Communicate with team members all the required information and details. Share all the important emails, memos and updates. This motivates team members to work together as a group.
Regular review team performance
Review the way that a team works how it arrives at decisions, deals with conflicts, etc. and provide suggestions to improve these.
Boost team performance
In essence, our purpose to build a good team is to improve team performance, make the team work more efficiently.

Also this is important for team members.
In a company, there is competition between colleagues, also between teams.
Why team members want to put in a lot of effort to build and maintain a good team?
Not only this can make them have good mood in work, but also they want some outcome.

They want their team stand out, perform better as a whole, and contribute more to the company.
They want management team recognize their team excellence and are praised for this.
They want to get better annual performance review because they have built an excellent team, and the team has done great.
Individual development
In a good team, team members enjoy working environment and the sense of accomplishment when they do a good job.
But more importantly, they want to improve themselves.
It is important to ensure they have opportunities to do new, interesting and challenging work, to take on more responsibility.

In a team, more skilled team members should be willing to transfer his knowledge and work to other less-skilled members, team leader can transfer some team management task to others, such as all team members take turns to host meeting etc, this can motivate team members to be involved more actively, also make more skilled team members have more time to do more important things.

How to build a brilliant team
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