DataStax 4.0.5 bug: DeleteById from Solr not delete from Cassandra

Just found one issue in DataStax 4.0 today: if we delete the data by ID from Solr, DataStax will remove all fields, but leave its ID field.

For example, we have ID:1 in Solr and Cassandra table, then run reuqest:

Datastax will delete the data from Solr, but remove all fields from Cassandra(all fields has default value, null or false).

But if we deleteByQuery in Solr:id:1
, Datastax will delete data from Cassandra.
Trying to figure out why this happens. so I use Java Decompiler: JD-GUI to decompile DataStax code, create eclipse project from it, then change cassandra script in dse-4.0.5/resources/cassandra/bin:

JVM_OPTS="$JVM_OPTS -agentlib:jdwp=transport=dt_socket,address=7777,server=y,suspend=n"
exec $NUMACTL "$JAVA" $JVM_OPTS $cassandra_parms -cp "$CLASSPATH" $props "$class"

Then restart DataStax: ./dse cassandra -s -f
This will start DataStax in remote debug mode.

Then run Solr deleteById command, add break point at DirectUpdateHandler2 and CassandraDirectUpdateHandler.

Follow the code, I find out that DataStax will call the following delete command in deleteById case: delete field1, fieldn from table where id=1, this will just delete all fields(except id field).

But in case of delete by query, DataStax will call: delete from table where id=1 which will delete the whole data.

The root cause of the issue is at: Cql3CassandraRowWriter.buildDeleteStatement: it does something unnecessary: get all columns from Casssdran and then build the delete field1... fieldn commands.

DataStax fixed this problem in 4.7:

4.0.5 code from
  public void deleteById(SolrQueryRequest request, String key)
    throws IOException
    String cqlDeleteStatement = buildDeleteStatement(key);
    doDeletes(request, Arrays.asList(new String[] { cqlDeleteStatement }));

  private String buildDeleteStatement(String key)
    throws IOException
    CFMetaData cfMetaData = this.columnFamilyStore.metadata;
    String compositeKeyClause = Cql3Utils.createKeyClauseFromSolrKey(cfMetaData.getKeyValidator(), cfMetaData.getCfDef(), key);
    List columnNameArray = new ArrayList();
    for (CFDefinition.Name name : cfMetaData.getCfDef().regularColumns()) {
      columnNameArray.add("\"" + name.toString() + "\"");
    String delete = "DELETE %s FROM \"%s\".\"%s\" WHERE %s";
    return String.format(delete, new Object[] { commaJoiner.join(columnNameArray), this.coreInfo.keySpace, this.coreInfo.columnFamily, compositeKeyClause });

4.7 code from
  private String Cql3CassandraRowWriter.buildDeleteStatement(String key)
    throws IOException
    CFMetaData cfMetaData = this.columnFamilyStore.metadata;
    String compositeKeyClause = Cql3Utils.createKeyClauseFromSolrKey(cfMetaData, key);
    String delete = "DELETE FROM \"%s\".\"%s\" WHERE %s";
    return String.format(delete, new Object[] { this.coreInfo.keySpace, this.coreInfo.columnFamily, compositeKeyClause });
So now, we may choose to upgrade to DataStax 4.7, or have to change the code to use deleteByQuery instead of deleteById.

Happy hacking...


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