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Eclipse vs IntelliJ

Better ways to organize info - Winner: Eclipse
-  Eclipse provides workspace, working set, projects
-  Organizes views into perspectives, provides view like console, problems, errors. 
- We always know where to find info we need.

Editor -Winner: Eclipse
Eclipse shows error/warning in current window in left side bar. 
IntelliJ only shows error/warning for all content in right side bar. (Eclipse also shows things in right side bar)
When you write code, its much easier to check error/warning in Eclipse.

Shortcut keys -Winner: Eclipse
Eclipse's default shortcut is more natural to me: easier to remember and type. Usually Eclipse uses less keys. IntelliJ uses all keys F1-10.

To format code: Cmd+shift+f in eclipse Cmd+alt+l in IntelliJ
- what L means?

Quick fix - Winner: Eclipse
- Eclipse quick fix(ctrl+1) is too powerful, it can fix bugs, generate code based on current context.
- IntelliJ provides too many ways to do similar things - wtf?
Show intention actions - alt+enter
Basic code completion - ctrl+space

Smart type code completion - ctrl+shift+space

- Drop to frame always works in Eclipse, but doesn't in IntelliJ
- Display view in Eclipse stores history, it's much easier to use

IntelliJ does have its own advantages such as: smart step into for anonymous classes and lambdas.

Search everywhere in IntelliJ
In Eclipse, you have to use different shortcuts/ways to search type, resource, views. 
In IntelliJ, just double press shift keys.

Better Performance/More Stable - Winner: IntelliJ
Sometimes Eclipse is slow or gets stuck, you need take time to customize it, check Improve Eclipse Performance

Same code may work in Eclipse but not in IntelliJ
Eclipse and IntelliJ doesn't works well together, if some team members are using eclipse, you better also use eclipse, as sometimes, the same code works and can be deployed in eclipse's tomcat but doesn't work or can't be deployed in IntelliJ tomcat.

More about Eclipse and IntelliJ:
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