How to Read Internal docs to Solve Problems

Often, we need find some docs in internal website and read them to figure out how to do some task.

Internal vs Internet
This is different from searching internet, which usually we can find plenty of resources, after read multiple articles, we can usually have a sense how to do it. It's fine if we don't read some articles carefully, - not ideal, but usually we can find related/similar articles and can understand or get it at that time.

Usually there would be only a few docs/pages for internal docs: they are well documented, and give all information we need.

But if you don't read them carefully or miss some key information, you would be mot able to solve the problem by just reading the docs. - you can still ask help from others. 

Be organized when read the docs
- Maybe open all related docs in a different browser, in one window
- Maybe start with the entrance page (maybe given by someone) , and follow the links while read it

Notice/Write down what you don't understand or is strange to you
-- Usually they are the keys to solve the problem

Use tools like evernote to help read the docs
- add note, highlight content etc

First find/know all internal websites that are useful
Search them, read them carefully
Examples: docker sidecar, yubikey-ssh


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