Google: Help Sharpen Our Profession Skills

We people, strive to improve our profession skills. 
It's not easy but we can never give up, as this is how we can make money to raise our family and children. 

It's a lifelong and tough task. We would appreciate if Google can help on this.

As developers/photographers/teachers, we want to sharpen our programmings/photography/teaching skills.
As students, we want to know what to learn, similar problems that we just solved, how to improve our problem solving skills etc.

So It would be great if Google could help in our mission to sharpen our professional skills.

Recommend technical/profession skills related content in Youtube, Google+, and Google Now

Recommend to You(Profession Skill) 
Youtube is a great website for listening music(the music tab added recently is awesome) and watching casual videos.

But there are a also lot of profession skills related videos(programming, teaching, etc) on youtube. However, many people don't even know their existence even though they want to watch this kind of videos or sometimes they don't realize.

These videos are not usually on popular list or top video list which would hurt (passion and revenue)the producers of these profession skills videos 

A lot of people are eager to watch them, but even don't know their existence. The view count for this kind of videos are usually very small.

Therefore, it will be great that if Youtube can help us to find these videos so we know then and watch them.
There can be two kinds of profession videos: short, interesting and easy to understand which we can watch at spare time(eating, travelling, commuting); long, profound videos which we have to sit down and take time to understand.

In addition, this feature will benefit both the audiences and Youtube - people will watch more on Youtube, so more revenue for Youtube.

Watch offline if Eligible
Allow us to watchprofession skills related videos offline on our phone or tablet if its producer doesn't set ads on them.

Open Course on Youtube or Video for Education
There are a lot of open course sites like coursera, edx, they are very popular. It demonstrates that videos for education are appealing to people. So why not Youtube build its platform? 

Recommend to You(Profession Skill) - Recommend profession skills related posts to us
I'm not a very social person, so I don't use my Facebook or twitter. 
As a fan of Google. I mainly use G+, especially its what's hot and explorer(Technology category).

As most of people, I am always working hardly to improve my profession skills - for me, they are programming, coding, algorithm, coding interview(recently). 
I am sure there are a lot of useful and interesting posts that are related with these topics in G+.

So it would be great if G+ can help us to find these related posts and recommend to us. So we can read them when I check my G+ during my spare time(waiting train, shopping with family etc).

We can have fun and sharpen our profession skill at same time .

"what's hot" and "recommend to you" in community
What's hot, explore and communities are great features.
Even though I join multiple programming related communities,I don't check them often.
In these communities, there are tons of useful posts has been posted and updated everyday these communities. It is difficult for me to catch them all at once. 

So if G+ can do us a favor, in each community, it can have a category "what's hot" or "recommend to you". It will be  a great gift to us!

Allow user to create group and aggregate content from similar communities in G+.
It is awesome if we can create a group and to aggregate content from multiple communities, so we can check all updates in one place - my group.
The group will list "what's hot" and "recommend to you" posts in all defined communities. 

Group similar topics in play newsstand
Allow us to create our own topic or group to aggregate posts from multiple topics or feeds. 
More profession skills related topics. - for me like coding skills, algorithm, 

Google Now
Google Now has done a great job on this, hope it can do better in future.

Google Alters: Job Recommendation
At some time, we may decide to move on or look for new challenge.

Linkedin is great, but there are also a lot of other job search sites: lever, jobvite, etc. They can't

Google can actually help  on this: as Google search knows all jobs that are posted recently in companies' sites.

User can use Google alerts to define what kind of jobs they are interested, like:
Location: New York or Bay Area
Keyword: Lucene Solr Hadoop

Then Google Alters can notify us whenever there are matched jobs posted online.

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