Customizing Eclipse Project Names With maven-eclipse-plugin

The Problem
When learning Apache UIMA, I need to import it into eclipse. Also I need swtich between different UIMA version 2.4.2 and the latest(trunk) version frequently.

I can use maven-eclipse-plugin to import uima projects to eclipse. But I have to add a prefix to these uima projects.

The Solution
Check maven-eclipse-pluginit provides several ways to change eclipse project name.
If set to true, the groupId of the artifact is appended to the name of the generated Eclipse project.
Expression: ${eclipse.addGroupIdToProjectName}

If set to true, the version number of the artifact is appended to the name of the generated Eclipse project. See projectNameTemplate for other options.
Expression: ${eclipse.addVersionToProjectName}

Allows configuring the name of the eclipse projects. This property ifn set wins over addVersionToProjectName and addGroupIdToProjectName You can use [groupId], [artifactId] and [version] variables. eg. [groupId].[artifactId]-[version]
Expression: ${eclipse.projectNameTemplate}

So now the solution is obvious, we can add -Declipse.addVersionToProjectName=true
mvn -Declipse.addVersionToProjectName=true eclipse:eclipse
The project name would be updated as uimaj-core-2.4.2 or uimaj-core-2.5.1.

Or we can add -Declipse.projectNameTemplate=Prefix-[artifactId]-[version] 

Use -DdownloadSources=true to tell maven to download source code.

Maven Eclipse Plugin
Get source jar files attached to Eclipse for Maven-managed dependencies


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